Whiteboard Animation Videos – Imagine, Engage and Memorise

Most of us learn more quickly (take information) when the information is visually displayed. In reality, whiteboard videos have been used for many years to teach staff, adults and children (although the style today has changed a bit). This is a reality. UPS whiteboard ads were the first to reach television screens: a large brand that was then able to pay for what was a long process. Ever a multi-faceted medium with revolutionary technologies today, whiteboard animation is much more effective than in the past. Even small firms can be animated nowadays.

It’s so fast …

A good animated video can be worth as much if an image is worth 1,000 words. Whiteboard videos can be used in a very engaging manner to extend visually a wide variety of topics (for example company strategy, products, applications and technological demos). They are referred to as ‘screen scripting,’ ‘sketch cartoon,’ and ‘quick hand drawing.’ Although the videos from UPS remain a little dated, there are excellent examples of what Whiteboard animation can achieve. Certainly, the UPS male in front of a large whiteboard with its marker remains iconic. The drawings were also so easy: A UPS truck is converted into a UPS plane and a UPS box is converted into a computer which tracks such cargo etc. And that’s how quick and clear video managed to get through the specific services of this particular company in seconds – and yes it could do the same for the goods and  jasa animasi of your company.


A second choice only?


You can definitely find many methods for transmitting the message of an organisation. Despite the freedom and popularity of whiteboard animation, however, a number of small businesses have yet to ‘discover’ its strength – perhaps UPS has had an immense popularity in believing this to be just a big company. The fact is, that’s just not true. The phrase “viral traffic” is nowadays all rage and (mainly) free traffic. An animation of whiteboards is able to increase the visibility of the brand as a whole and also to bring the message through: as shown by UPS, make it great and remember: make it worth remembering, and the people will pass it (and will) on-definitely it must be a successful marketing move.


The role of complicated text and concepts, whiteboard animation can turn into a lively experience. The people are being surprised by the media day by day (thus in the twenty first century, the whiteboard has become a tad “tick skin,” and reflects a relatively new approach in the field of digital marketing.

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