What’s Your Story? How Influencers Can Get Cut-Through on Instagram

Take the book for the phone? It wasn’t long before we could acquire a telephone book for a company to support us when we needed a service or product.

In those days, the succeeding companies were the people who started with A” That’s because they’re at the top of the A Z chart. In contrast to W&W Plumbing facilities, for example, people would call A Plus Plumbers much more likely.


However, something has changed. A thing of the past is phone books. Forget A Z listings – the popular companies today are the ones that feed the best social media.


You must be in social media to find yourself. And Instagram is one of the most powerful social media sites. It is the one social networking platform which almost guarantees a spot at the top of the feed’s profile. Instagram has presented a feature called Stories.


Your brand is brought to life by tales. This allows you to share and compile many videos and images, all of which make up your own ‘plot’ at times.


Videos are indispensable for the production of your own personal brand. Spontaneous videos are a highly successful medium of documentation, says Gary Vaynerchuk, master and entrepreneur for social networking. They capture your ideas and allow you to gather your original content – which is crucial for any person who has an impact.


Therefore, it’s no wonder that Stories prove an effective tool for influencers to create brands. Recent statistics show that while in Australia, Facebook has the largest number of users, the fastest-growing social network is Instagram. The use of Snap chat, formerly the only social networking site allowing users to share videos on-the-go, has decreased after storeys were released in 2016.

Instagram is also sponsored by hashtags. What that means that it works like a search engine, meaning that when someone searches online for a business like yourself you are far more likely to turn to search results. In addition, it uses location data, which is fantastic news if you are targeting an audience in any region – in Brisbane for example.


You can find two ways in which you can profit from Instagram:


1. As a branded, polished tool.


Stylised videos and pictures give your brand a sophisticated edge.


2. As a means to record naturally.


Videos encourage you to share your moments as they happen. You get a special insight into who you are and what you are doing and how you can support your audience. It also shows them that, not just a message but you are a ‘real’ human.


Tony Perzow is a clear example of someone who makes an important use of Instagram images. His videos not only advertise his programmes, they educate and entertain his audience. Hayley Jenkin’s Wholehearted Studio is another entrepreneur who makes excellent use of Instagram. Her and her films are much more stylish and deliberately made, perfect for the construction of a sophisticated brand for her photography company.

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Nevertheless be cynical about finding perfection. Businessmen generally fear that they will be inauthentic or maybe “showy” Social media can be a serious battle for them, so they are protected and do nothing. Therefore, their rivalry will be at the top of the social media feeds of their audiences. They are the ones who have an influence and lead.


Be terrified. You must use social media to be an influencer. Don’t hold on to look flawless – people want to see what you really are. Videos will provide you with a big overview of your business. You don’t have to spend much cash, or have a professional recording studio. Better yet. Instagram is the best ally in this relation.


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