Top Three Analytics Tools Preferred by App Developers

The absence of an immediate contact of two ways between the user and the developer has definitely made user analytics an important way for user understanding. With continued pressure from the competitive environment in the app development industry, user analysis services are becoming increasingly relevant.

Only look at the three main types of analytical tools that Software developers are commonly using.


Google’s analysis:

Google Analytics Web App


Google Analytics

is considered the most comprehensive and efficient analytics of its kind among the most popular analytical instruments. It slowly expanded support for its mobile applications beginning with web analytics –

Google Analytics Web Applications.


With regard to a comprehensive study of sales and e-commerce, Google Mobile App Analytics has to face others. It will allow you to monitor your purchases I.e. when paying for apps and identify areas that regulate maximum sales.


In addition to registering user experience data, Mobile App Analytics provides a better sense of user demography than others. The advanced category also provides a variety of categories, allowing developers to contribute even more by using their own individual segments, thereby enabling them to customize reports relating to their own business areas.


While IOS and Android platforms are supported, there is more Android-related knowledge than iOS.




Has an exceptional capacity to report on trade.

It is consumer demographic in an extreme sense.

Conversion monitoring integration with Google Play.

Is absolutely free of charge




Mix panel lacks the capacity to evaluate retention.

Does not offer a simple a / b testing form.

For android only Only




Flurry Analytics is another used option for the pursuit of mobile conversion. It is an exclusive analytical method for mobile apps. For nearly every big mobile platform, including iOS, Windows Phone, Android, Java, Blackberry ME, Flurry Analytics supports.


While Flurry may be inclined to view complicated analysis of the mobile app, it is popular for many others due to the complex structure of the app’s data access.


You can also use the Flurry Classic dashboard or create up to 10 personalised dashboards for each app that you track in this section. For instance, it offers a much better perspective of website traffic acquisition through a range of marketing channels like mobile ad networks , mobile Web and email promotions, so that the data accumulated by dashboards are far more detailed.


In addition to tracking user types and user behaviour, Flurry Analytics can also track device types, systems and so on.




Not just iOS and Android. Not just.

Support for smartphone applications free of charge.

Multiple dashboards available.




Have no desire to retain / cohort evaluate.

It doesn’t detect crashes quickly, unlike Google Analytics.

Purely mobile applications limited.


Panel mixed


Mix panel is another common method to measure mobile and web user involvement. Mix panel has the simplest user interface compared with Google Mobile App Analytics and Flurry Analytics.


SDKs from Mixpanel have segmentation tools which analyse complex and critical issues. You can ask for a lot more of your results , for example. How users of your app invite friends, what ad words campaign would give you the most paying users, etc. The funnel analysis of Mixpanel will track when people exit each case.


Mixpanel is able to maintain or probably evaluate the cohorts so that they are of value over the others. You will be ready to monitor how much and when your customers are returning and interacting with an app.


Its targeting framework can also group users of a client into similar profiles and display feeds.


The key drawback of this unit is that the consumers have to pay a Premium package to improve their exposure by restricting 25,000 data interactions for the free services.




— The segmentation of data may respond to complex questions.

— May monitor user commitment retention.

-Less emphasis on user experience assessment.

— Smartphone and web media catering.




-Service of payment. The monthly price is dependent on the amount of data points and profiles used.

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