Teaching in International Schools – Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve been overwhelmed with questions about teaching abroad since I published the book of my work, The complete guideline to secure a position at a global school. I’ve chosen people to address you here most often…

Where can I teach at an international education center? How do I get to know?


More than 4000 international schools of various sizes are located around the world and most need teachers. Then the first question’s solution is… Everywhere almost!


One way you can find out if there is an international school you would like to work in is to google it. I just wrote “international school Bangkok” and wrote a full listing tab.


Obviously this is not the way to land your new teaching job abroad, but you can easily see how many schools can be reached in the destinations you want.


I got children, will I be employed by an international school?


They’re going to of course! If you have 7 children and only one parent or anything like that, you may have a bit of trouble, particularly when the recruiters know that it is not possible you can handle one teacher’s allowances and pay.

Contracts for teachers working abroad also provide lessons for your children, which are not always accessible (generally limited to 2), so that your children also receive personal instruction.


Do I want to get an abroad TEFL certificate?


All this depends on what kind of experience you already have and qualifications.


You will definitely have no alternative if you do not have a teaching degree. You can teach English as another language course, with a TEFL Certificate, which provides as many international schools as possible.


Based on my experience, ESL or EFL are best for private language schools to teach at an international school. Then schedule your career search.


Furthermore if your understanding is all in mono-cultural and units, then obtaining a TEFL certification which can add to your new qualifications would probably increase your probability. It will show recluters you’re ready in your multi-cultural classes abroad to face the problems you will face.


Do I going to make enough money?


Just how much is sufficient? This is a difficult one to answer because all of us have different opinions on how much, don’t we?


However this is my reply… Do yours homework! You can load and carry out loads and place your investment portfolio on the map (or deal with your travels! Or maybe both?), but it really does depend on your locations. Western Europe has no equal opportunity, but you can always do enough for fair living, to earn the living that Middle East and South East Asia have. Some schools pay considerably more in Western Europe, too and Eastern Europe is once again different due to its lower living costs.


Learning Abroad – the best choice you can make


Learning abroad is an opportunity to use your skills, which is nice. You can support yourself and get a whole lot more than you have left at the end of your month than you can at home and travel widely to exotic destinations you have never dreamed of.

To know more : Check PYP International School

And what do you guess? International school directors spoke of the emerging international teacher shortage!


This is right, because in recent years there was a sudden explosion in the number of schools that opened up for business, there has been an equivalent explosion in the number of vacancies that recruiters have… But the required increase in teachers applications has not yet been made.


You are doing the math and it turns out to be a positive action to your benefit.

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