How to Get an Exception for the Use of Medical Marijuana When on Probation for DUI

When a person is convicted and punished with any reduction or DUI in charges initially instituted as a DUI, a term with abstention can be included in the sentence. The use of alcoholic drinks and the use of medications that do not recommend a physician for the purpose of mood alteration are forbidden.

Many courts take the view that medical marijuana would be authorized. Many courts feel that medical marijuana authorization is very liberal in particular in the case of an individual practitioner not recommending it. The Court is also seeking to discourage people from obtaining an absenteeism and therefore leaving and acquiring a medical marijuana card and saying that this is a prescription and therefore it is also completely reasonable to use it.

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If a person is charged with a DUI or may be charged a different crime which many people need at the time of their conviction to refrain from obtaining medical marijuana. Then the judge must have created an exception at the time of conviction to permit this use. In my experience when a private citizen presents the following information and proof about the Court when they are convicted, the judge will make this exception even easier.

The name and contact details of the medical providers: this is important because many just go to the hemp festival in the neighborhood to make contact with the medical marijuana clinic on the street front to get their card. It would certainly be considered much more legitimate if the contact information is given.


Precise problem: it can be addressed in the form of a statement or live physician testimony. There are some circumstances under which jurisdictions approving the application of medical marijuana may be required.


Normal therapy or even drugs can not cure the symptoms: it is important to have the capacity to state that all standard therapies are not successful in seeking a court for this exemption, and that is why medicinal cannabis medicines were administered.


Dosage details: It’s unlikely that a judge will have a lifetime supply of cannabis. It is easier for the defendant to have a comprehensive dose and a clear strategy outlined.


Prior history was considered: a practitioner needs to consider all chemical dependency problems before the authorization is given when approving medical marijuana. This is undoubtedly a significant concern of the judge.


Letter from the chemical dependency provider: once more, whether the treatment provider be on board is another big issue for a judge especially in relation to an alcohol or even a drug-related crime.


Obviously, there can be different needs in different jurisdictions in relation to such exceptions. However, in my experience, the following details should be supplied in the form of live evidence by a real doctor, not a nurse or perhaps other health workers other than an authorization to be honored by the Court.

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