Gun Safes, Parental Education and Child Education Save Young Lives

One shot! one shot! A child’s destiny-saves lives in arms and the schooling of parents

As father, just like the vast majority of dads, I wake up every day and think of the children I have, because I know that I’ll have the chance to chat with them, or even get some useful advice to them. Many of the parents who love their children would scare me and I am sure I talk to them if one of the children of mine would pass before me.


In certain cases, storeys about incidents and injuries to children and the related demands for weapons protection are a recurrent topic, sometimes not having much effect for readers. This complacency regarding gun safety should never be accepted for family members who have witnessed the tragic deaths and injuries caused by weapons. It should not be tolerated until, as in the Associated Press’ article of 14 March 2012, we cease to see the headlines of newspapers.


“The third gun accident in 3 weeks at Washington ‘s death”

It’s only March 2012 and we have a tragic storey in this report about a three year old who shot himself with a gun left in his parent’s car. The 3-year-old death of the police pointed to the need to raise awareness of weapons protection and to safeguard arms for men and women. In 3 weeks 2 of which were fatal, this was the third accidental shot by the boy. The week before a seven-year-old woman was murdered when a sibling discovered and shot a gun that was left unattended in a car with an 8-year-old woman in February, when a gun shot into a 9-year-old babe’ s backpack as she placed it on a desk.


One shot is turned upside down from an unsecured arma and family life. In the four walls of the family home, the reverberations of this one fatal shot aren’t limited to unimaginable sorrow and guilt; moreover, it has serious emotional, financial and social consequences on friends , family and societies of the kid. It typically leads to parents being wrongly told about a shot, about the protection of a weapon, about the possibility of children to differentiate between a real weapon and a conviction and a toy gun, and the children realise they don’t handle a real weapon.


M.S.-M.S. Hardy in the article’ A firearm safety programme for children: they just can’t say no,’ he said;’ it’s difficult to convince young people and children to stay out of their firearms, or possibly take responsibility. Children who are young, and all primary school children typically lack the capacity to judge their possible risk of injury, to recognize unsafe situation, to find ways of preventing injury, or maybe to apply real-world safety lessons they have discovered in a classroom.

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In a single pre-school experiment, children and their parents participated in a seminar where a policeman addressed the risks of firearms and often asked the children not to touch one. After the session, the children were videotaped to play the toy and actual weapons in a den. The children who attended the school discovered and played real weapons at a nearly equal rate to the children who had received no training despite their promises. Studies show 85% of parents who have weapons do not carry out safe storage are complementary to this issue.


What research of this nature shows is that instruction on gun safety targeted only at young children is not the answer but that it does not only require training in the safety of weapons to parents but also to friends and acquaintances, who have firearms at home. This form of research also implies that it is not only the answer. It starts at home to keep children safe from weapons incidents. If you have a weapon store that has been shot in a secure weapon or even in a secure gun, store ammunition separately from firearms and constantly strengthen children by reminding them that the weapons are no toys and should not be touched.

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