Funeral Service Booklets

Funeral booklets may be circulated in a funeral service to other members as a memorial of the deceased. These booklets include the notification, funeral service order, poetry, readings of the scriptures, portraits and a special note of the bereaved family.

Funeral services are a priceless addition to the funeral service as they highlight a loved one and make life happy to take home in memory of the deceased.


Typically people hold these monuments after the funeral for many years. It can also be a symbol which closes the life of an individual. Instead of being designed by a professional designer or even a printer, it is easy to make one. This can also be costly and you will need to plan ahead to allow the printing turnaround time.

The easiest way to create funeral service brochures is to purchase a template. Templates are a great tool to work with because they save creativity energy, money and time! The most effective models are the letter size of booklets that have been produced, since these specific sizes are normal and can easily be half folded to create a booklet presentation.


You can also easily make funeral service booklets, and that’s perfect if your time is minimal. The end result would look like you’ve been perfecting the concept for weeks, when it probably took you one hour. Obviously, the time it takes for you to finish a brochure with a template depends on how many pages you have your brochure and how successful you are with the software.

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In different applications, templates will be available. Today, Microsoft Word is the most popular application. Publisher is a perfect second choice from the end of the PC. Apple i Works Pages can help you to produce a funeral service booklet if you are a mac user.

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