Digital Asset Management (DAM) – Organize Your Digital Information

This is the technological era. We take pictures of digital cameras and home videos on digital camcorders, all music and video downloads are offered online, and many electronic files are kept on our own PCs. The need for some kind of programme or tool to coordinate everything becomes even more apparent as we achieve more device and gadgets to improve our standard of living. Imagine this unique scenario in a business format in which information is processed and blended in huge quantities. This is the emphasis of the principle of digital asset management.

The category of digital assets is anything, whether originally created in an electronic format or converted later, that is purely digital. This covers books, songs, images, logos, videos and a wide variety of other electronics. Digital Asset Management (DAM) software can be used to maintain everything in one central area for businesses that rely on digital electronic informatics development, communication, delivery and storage. The DAM framework for categorizing, cataloging and archiving digital files avoids any information loss that is severe in combination with the humiliation of wasting time looking for the file in front of a customer!

For a company’s continued growth, its properties are critical. Companies are also constantly relying on their digital assets in critical projects and presentations. For this to continue to move smoothly, an organisation should be able to store and acquire information easily when accessing it is necessary. Other than the recovery and storing of electronic documents and sensitive files, DAM Software is able to backup your info in at least 2 off-site locations.


The best challenge with digital media systems is the storage of the content, but its efficient retrieval. Digital Asset Management programme allows quick and fast document and file recovery with a strong and easy gui. This is useful to help organise your company files. There is definitely no question of investing in a software that saves you countless hours of trouble and headaches.

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Original Image is a New Zealand organisation committed to delivering creative online messaging, information management and publication resources and services. In this context, Original Image formed the software Mosaic DAM. Mosaic is a Web-based, high performance digital asset management system that suits every brand. Companies are waking up to the fact that a large number of images are needed for the contact needs and also many other electronic files. The price is true, because businesses create new jobs and handle vital business assets lose millions of dollars.

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