Change the Length of Your LED Strip Lights

One of the major advantages of using LED Strip Lights is its usability and application, which give a consumer almost unprecedented flexibility. The customization is one aspect in which you comply.

In comparison to traditional types of lighting effects, consisting of a single glass cylinder, LED Strip Lights consist of a flexible circuit board strip. This circuit board is highly resistant and can resist high voltage before breaking. In addition, it is also sufficiently smooth to be sliced.


It is much easier for many customers to accept LED Strips as a kind of light tape, because they are in fact. They have a set of equal-space LEDs, or probably SMDs, depending on your technical experience, and an excellent, sticky back covering is also on the other.


Due to the demands and limitations of the job in question, these LED Strip Lights can be cut to various lengths. You will find 2 ways to cut your strips. Alternately, give your measurements to the manufacturer and plan them in advance or do it yourself.

Irrespective of which one selects, the length of the furniture, window or wall you would like to place in strip lights will be determined first. A millimetre (mm) measurement is even more pervasive, as it helps a dealer to contribute to making cuts more precise.


Naturally, the best way to cut your bands is to call your supplier and ask them to schedule their bands in advance. You will make all the necessary cuts and solderings before you send them out and you may also know the best light and peripherals for your project.


Conversely, a skilled electrician will use his experience to do the same thing. However, it is a little more costly because it is most likely to charge at the usual time, but if you currently use the electrician to set up the system and you must control it to ensure it is optimal, then it doesn’t hurt at all. Your electrician should be able to cut and solder if needed.


Finally, you can also cut yourself the required. If you have bought an LED Strip, you can find a wired connection on one end, but not on the other. This is because the LED strip light was already a closed circuit and did not have to return to its origin to operate. Therefore at any stage you can cut the strip light and it will keep working.

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All LED strip lights should have “cutting points” which are spaced regularly along their lengths, easily identified. It’s just where you need to cut if you want to use a sharp knife or maybe a pair of scissors yourself. You often notice a range of soldering points to be attachovered by your 4-core or 2-core cable (two single colour LED Striplights and four RGB LED Strip Lights). However, only in the event that you encounter you need to try this soldering yourself.


It should also be noted that you cannot jeopardise the waterproof integrity of your silicone coating by cutting an LED strip with an IP65 pace.

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