Are You Losing Your Bitcoins?

Bitcoin is an Internet Payment System and a newly developed Open Source software for the exchange of international currencies. It is a bitcoin mixture of transactions involving the creation, support and transmission of all its control over the Internet. The participant checks and saves the payment on the mobile and computer software in exchange for transactions. The exchange of services, other currencies and goods may also take place in this process.

A brand new security problem arose with Bitcoins’ consistency. Mac users who need Bitcoins for their transactions do not realize that if they are not careful to enter an application that has a risky programming code, they are at risk of losing money. A Trojan virus such as the Bitcoin program ‘Stealth Bit’ is the ‘OSX/CT’ application. Mac users operate this seat belt for their own transactions. You can get confused when you download the Trojan that loves Bitcoin exactly


First release on “GitHub” of this Stealth Bit program . A Trojan developer used the source code from a Stealth Bit application uploaded to the GitHub. The application is now available. When you insert this specific Stealth Bit virus model, the browser extensions are automatically installed on your browser. These disruptive additional features on the browser have taken Bitcoins such as Block, BTC-e and Mtg ox and login details from you. When your login information is received by an extension, it transfers your login information to the hacker.


There was also a case involving the theft of Bitcoins when a person installed this app from GitHub and lost twenty Bitcoins worth $13,480. But Mac users beware! If you use the Bitcoins application for your purchases and use Chrome as your browser, you need to search for extensions of your browser, “Pop Up Blocker” or maybe something else. Then. Then. Immediately obvious most of them.


As stated “Coin has 2 sides,” the same goes for Bitcoins, the web development has created a great cash transaction app on the one hand and cyber crime on the other. The most commonly used programming and web-development is not just programming, but the way you think and create an organisation for the good will of others.

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