Analyzing the Latest Divorce Trends & News

When our culture evolves, our expectations and principles, along with what we perceive when behavioral standards, change. All this influences our choices in professional and educational life, our relationships and, obviously, virtually every other part of our way of living. Although the capital letters of Marriage and Divorce here seem unchanging and strong, it can’t go beyond reality. They both evolve rapidly and over time, as can be seen clearly by evaluating divorce patterns and news over a few years.

The general expense of both marriages and divorces in the country is a case in point. These two rates have dropped. In the last year of 2016, the marriage rate was 6.9 marriages per 1000 population , compared to 8.2 in 2000, with fully available figures from the time of publishing. The new figures show 3,2 per 1,000 for divorce, down from 4,0. The figures for the divorce era are exactly the same. Few people get married and less people get divorced.

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However, the incidence is declining in just a few forms of divorce. Skyrocketing is one particular form. The term grey divorce refers to the fifty marriages that divorce couples in long term. After 1990, the rate there doubled.


Another new trend towards divorce is in family law cases that of animal rights which seeks to protect their well-being rather than treating them as tradable property. Three States within the country have already reported laws that look like more in the future to be a pre-emptive inference for California, Illinois and Alaska.


All the facets of income and opportunities inequality, including one percent versus ninety-nine percent discussions and hot discussions and regulations on tax rates for the affluent, are still also at the forefront. Remember that Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest man, is now divorced. The consequence is probably also the priciest settlement of divorce in history, considering its status. At the beginning of 2019, his personal wealth was estimated to be about 140 billion dollars, and one half of it can be stockpiled for collection, provided by or even taken over by Amazon or the mansions.


Speaking of finances, a separate pattern today is that Blockchain and Bitcoin in divorce are becoming increasingly prevalent and confusing. The aim of bitcoin exchange was generally to be impossible or difficult to track, while wild fluctuations of their value make it difficult to estimate fair value. These are two problems which trigger headaches for those who try to settle digital financial assets in divorce cases over the next few years.


In the realm of divorce and marriage, of course, something is changing. Staying up to date with the latest events and news is relevant on its own and can certainly also be a valuable way of determining what’s happening elsewhere in society.


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